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Contingent Search, Retained Search, Container Firms, RPO…and the list is exhaustive. The single goal of all of these global recruiting services is one simple fact; to get the right person found, vetted and hired!

Contingent search for the most part are like the Manpower’s of the world, willing to work for free and take on all the risk without getting paid anything, unless a person is put in a job. This sounds great for the customer, if you are willing to work with a resume shotgun.  We call this type of recruiting process “spray and pray.” You see, recruiters are desperate to make their numbers, so they are willing to throw any applicant that looks right out to the hiring manager or HR. Might as well use Zip Recruiter if all you wanted was a load of resumes and no match to your position(s).

At TWG Recruiters, we believe in treating all our client engagements and searches the same. Here are some of the added benefits of TWG’s contingent search services.

  • Deep dive on-boarding with your team to learn the position(s), impact and company culture
  • Every applicant/candidate is touched, vetted and communicated with about her/his status
  • Focused applicant submissions, not a spray and pray approach (references included)
  • Weekly updates on every search with data and analytics to keep you informed
  • Placement confirmation and offer analysis
  • References, background checks, drug screen, E-Verify and more…all at NO additional cost

While we will take-on some $0 up-front fee search work for specific clients, we are careful to analyze a win-win for our firm and you!

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