Sr Research Scientist – FILLED

The Wellington Group has been engaged to find an experienced Sr Research Scientist to lead the biological evaluation of compounds and materials for the development of endoparastic animal health products. Put your experience in the discovery and development of new endoparastic compounds to work in a new job today!

The Senior Research Scientist is responsible for leading the planning, development and execution, and/or coordination of in-house tests, out-sourced work, and the reporting and presentation of results from in vivo and ex vivo bioassays conducted as part of the screening process to discover endoparastic compounds for development. Additionally, the Sr Research Scientist must possess solid biological knowledge of various helminthes infecting animals including filarial worms, gastrointestinal nematodes, trematodes and their maintenance requirements.

Responsibilities include:

  • Develop and validate and implement novel in vitro, ex vivo, and in vivo approaches to assay for endoparasiticide activity
  • Procure and/or maintain parasites to run ex vivo and in vivo bioassays
  • Conduct internally, or coordinate through external cooperators, in vivo, ex vivo and in vitro bioassays with experimental compounds to detect anti-parasitic activity
  • Collect, review, submit to database, and report experimental results to internal and external customers in a prompt and efficient manner
  • Perform on-going knowledge-mining campaigns to remain updated of latest information on helminth biology and technology in bioassays for endoparasiticide activity

The qualified candidate will have:

  • MS or PhD is required
  • 3+ years preferably in industry or working with industrial collaborators during educational training and Post-Doc research
  • Proven, hands-on experience performing full range of duties involving the use of endoparasites to discover animal health parasiticides
  • Ability to recognize the efficacy of experimental compounds on helminth species in vivo and ex vivo
  • Strong attention to detail with ability communicate effectively
  • Can work independently with a high degree of self-motivation
  • Knowledge of existing ex vivo assays for relevant animal health species
  • Ability to develop, validate and troubleshoot whole organism and other related assays based on understanding of basic parasite biology
  • Working understanding of rearing procedures for helminth species
  • Ability to work with outside collaborators on the development of novel in vivo efficacy models for relevant parasite species

Industry: Parasitologist, endoparasites, in vitro, ex vivo, animal health, bioassays, discovery, research

Job Code: 360-32-MH2322

Location: North Carolina

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