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Principal Scientist – Lab Manager

Principal Scientist – Lab Manager from The Wellington Group

The Wellington Group has been engaged to find an experienced Principal Scientist – Lab Manager to direct programs for the biological evaluation and screening of compounds and materials for the discovery of new animal health drug products. You will work with internal programs, client/customer needs and with third-party vendors and partners across the animal health industry.

The Principal Scientist – Lab Manager will coordinate the operations of a biological screening platform, including ex vivo and in vivo organism-based testing, for biological assessment of analogs from lead generation, hit-to-lead, and lead optimization programs. You will also manage the high-throughput screening, HTS, operations and innovations for the organization, its customers and industry partners.

Principal Scientist – Lab Manager responsibilities include:

  • Identifies and coordinates development and implementation of assays using the appropriate format or technology as required
  • Critically assesses, analyzes, compares, and interprets biological testing data on potency, pharmacology, ADME properties, and safety, to provide program direction
  • Identify assays to address project- and client-driven biological testing needs
  • Integrate and analyze the data obtained from these assays to support, in conjunction with other company departments, the hit identification and lead optimization process for new discovery, pre-clinical and clinical drug candidates
  • Manage internal and external resources to meet team and company goals
  • Protect the company’s freedom to operate safely, innovation, intellectual property, and trade secrets

The qualified Principal Scientist – Lab Manager candidate will have:

  • MS, DVM or PhD or equivalent experience in a field of biology relevant to biological testing for drug discovery, preferably with a focus in parasitology
  • Proven track record in the design, implementation, and management of multidisciplinary research programs to identify and evaluate preclinical drug candidates
  • Understanding, experience and a proven track record in biological testing of drugs, including HTS and advanced testing for potency, pharmacology, DMPK, and safety
  • Coordinates department budget with senior management to include forecasting, capital expenditures and cost / expense management
  • Ability to communicate with a multi-disciplinary team, company management and external customers and service providers.
  • Ability to develop and present research proposals to internal and external customers in order to address program goals and objectives
  • 8 + years experience in a leadership role in drug discovery in the animal health industry
  • Effective writing skills to communicate scientific findings and administrative processes

Industry: HTS, High-Throughput Screening, Parasitologist, endoparasites, in vitro, ex vivo, animal health, bioassays, discovery, research, drug development, DMPK


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