At The Wellington Group, we have seen the transformation of the lengthy cover letter to short Cover Notes. Cover Notes, a more modern and useful tool, allow for easier customization to each job you apply to plus they serve as the quick email sound bite, for that job verse the snail-mail introduction a cover letter once served. With the volume of applications and the speed to which Recruiters and Hiring Managers are moving alike, a short-succinct Cover Note is an ideal solution to have them stop and review your credentials.

A good Cover Note can capture readers’ attention  and interest  and ensure that your resumé will get read. A bad one (or a really long one) will likely mean your resumé doesn’t even get a glance. Make sure yours is clear, concise, and a joy to read and learn how to adapt it for each and every position.

The Wellington Group’s professional writers know how to get readers’ attention! (After all, we got yours, didn’t we?!)

Cover Note  Single Position  $99

One  page cover note, customized to one job with two drafts.

Cover Note  Multiple Positions  $149

One page cover note, customized up to five jobs with two drafts (does not have to be all five positions at once, TWG will apply the credits).