Has it been a while since you had to proactively look for a new job?

Are you unsure of even where to start your job search and have no true strategy?

Perhaps you are currently employed but looking to advance your career, enhance your compensation program or work with a stronger brand / company?
Lost on how to work the current job search market?

Are you twittering for that next position?

Then it’s time to engage The Wellington Group (TWG) and get your career search moving in the right direction.

At The Wellington Group we understand that looking for a job in a highly competitive market can be very stressful and require countless hours of wasted time and energy. Most professionals either don’t have a planned strategy or desired outcome with their job search efforts. At TWG we offer customized, one-on-one career coaching, strategy development and value articulation with the ability to come to you if needed.*

With over 20 years of experience in helping people from all walks of life and areas of the world, the staff at The Wellington Group possesses the latest in tools, technology, resources, tips and tricks to help you identify and land that next dream job. Don’t sit idle on the sidelines sending resumes to black-holes, get expert coaching now!

TWG Career Coaching Program

*On-site career coaching requires customized pricing. As we work with global executives daily, we can design both a pricing program and schedule to meet your unique needs and geography.