Talent Aquisition Services

Talent Aquisition Services

Our clients range from Fortune 100 Giants to 3 Member Start-Up Teams but they all have one thing in common – The Wellington Group (TWG) Recruiters working around the clock to find them the best talent their industry has to offer through our talent aquistion services.

Because our clients are so diverse, we offer a suite of talent acquisition services including; Engaged Search, Retained Search, RPO and some hybrid services as well.  To discover which offering is right for your needs, please see additional details below.

Contingent Search – Farming out your talent recruitment to any recruiter or salesman that sounds good on a quick call can lead to big problems. Many times these “lazy recruiters” are taking in any and all work to “meet the numbers” their firm has for metrics in order to get paid. You see as a client if your not paying ANYTHING until the final product is delivered, and it involves multiple firms or recruiters, you run the risk of receiving just ANY resume they could find that has a keyword match.

At The Wellington Group, we take all our search engagements seriously. While we do work with certain customers on a contingent bases, we treat these searches the same as an engaged or retained search. Every applicant gets touched, the candidates are thoroughly screened and vetted and we even help with final negotiations, on-boarding and a high-level of touch through their first 90 days (yes they get cards and brownies in the mail from us). All for one reason, we want you and the person you paid us to hire wowed by the experience!

Engage Search – Our Founder, Chris Wellington had the vision to see there existed a major gap between a standard contingent talent search and a retained executive search. As a result, The Wellington Group offers a hybrid of talent search. This is the #1 choice for companies hiring us to perform talent acquisition services. For a much lighter fee, you can get The Wellington Group standardized talent acquisition services with the ability to make changes or adjustments in positions through the recruitment process. What might start out as a niche search for a given title, many times turns into the right person but perhaps a different role, salary,

Retained Search – An industry standard, but with an exorbitant retained search contract with traditional headhunting firms boasting like stock traders of the 80’s. Not the same with TWG. While we understand recruiting from the Board Room, the C-Suite or perhaps the person with that next innovation to make your brand golden, at TWG we also believe it does not have to be at the price of gold! We have created a structure that can be a set fee to minimize final costs per hire while still retaining

– Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) – What is RPO? Another creative development from our Founder and Industry GURU, Chris Wellington. Let us take you back some 15 years or more ago when Chris was running global recruitment programs. At the time, customers would ask Chris to use his staff to work either on or offsite and hire for their internal needs in times of a spike in open positions, company growth or transitions. Using the same systems, processes, teams and technology, The Wellington Group offers customized RPO services to work seamlessly with your internal resources to find and hire the right people. These services can be for a set amount of time, a set amount of hires or both. We deliver a plan which fits your needs but leverages our vast talent network and proven talent acquisition services.

We look forward to partnering with you on all of your recruiting and talent search needs – Contact us today.