If we could suggest, you would benefit to follow the attached link that TWG is pleased to offer you  as an additional resource to aide your career options. We have been invited to participate in two high profile candidate executive recruiting networks, Bio-Partners and Top Echelon. We now offer this service to you.  By taking a few minutes to apply on-line through the link below, you will gain access to both of these networks and 1,000’s of jobs / positions NOT posted on most mainstream job boards or job ads. In addition, you will expand your career search network by ~1,800 professional executive recruiters across the country and be able to set ALERTS to new positions added each day.

It is our best practice to permit high profile candidates such as yourself to express and describe yourself to this audience.

How the system works:

  • The networks are used by Executive Recruiters only.
  • Involvement is by invitation only and must be through a sponsoring organization.
  • Executive Recruiters use Top Echelon to search for candidates.
  • Executive Recruiters will contact your recruiter at TWG in order to discuss a position.
  • TWG will then connect you with the Executive Recruiter regarding their opening.

To post your resume to the Top Echelon Network and with our associates at Bio-Partners click on the following link. Click Here to Expand Your Career Options Now!!!Be sure to select CHRIS WELLINGTON as your recruiter!

When you have completed the input, please call or email me.  We will review the submission to be certain you are correctly positioned.

Click Here to Expand Your Career Options Now!!!